Gathering Cowboy Poetry

A cowboy on horseback drives cattle down a dirt road on a cloudy day.

Rudy Gonzales makes a career out of putting to verse the lives of the cowboys. He writes of the range and puts cowboy antics to paper all while looking and sounding the part. His poetry is based around horses and cattle, struggles and humor.

In the dusk of working cowboys comes a time to fill your cup
And to gather by the fire while the dishes gets washed up.
Time to patch up your old rig or lean back and roll a smoke
While somebody tells a windy or somebody tells a joke.
Or some cowboy makes up verses to the tune of wildwood flower and
Each tries to top the other and it's called the Liars Hour.
Now I know it don't sound fancy but it mends a cowboy's bones
When he's been workin' cattle, a thousand miles from home.
--Rudy Gonzales, Cowboy Poet