Home on the Range

Horses graze out on the prairie.

Venture into long forgotten territory. Visit western lands where wild grasses grow, wild horses roam and cowboy poets preserve it all on paper. "The things that make these kinds of poems good is the fact that you're talking about real people, real places in real times," says Gordon Peterson, Cowboy Poets of Idaho.

Poetic words inspire the wild yearnings of the west, the ruggedness of the range and the serenity of open space. "My favorite thing is the openness and the spaciousness," says Debbie Reid-Oleson, open range cowgirl. "The freedom of going, being and doing. It's so much different than being in a building. It's a real privilege to be out here."

Full-time cowboys rely on that privilege for their ranching way of life. Part-time cowboys relish it as a backdrop for their gunslinging hobby. "There's a little bit of cowboy in everybody and we like to bring that out," says Deon Davenport, shootout scene designer.

From shootouts to round ups, this Outdoor Idaho show revives the Wild West in a way that will make you feel right at home on the range.