Outdoor Idaho brings you Horsewomen, a look at the lives of several women who make their living in the saddle.

For these women, life just wouldn't be the same without their horses. No matter where they ride, no matter what they're doing, the experience is always just a little richer and the view is always just a little different…from the saddle.

Cammie Papineau is a top prize-winning jockey at Les Boise racetrack in Boise. She says, "I love more than anything to come back and hear the crowd yell and get my picture taken in the winner's circle and have the owners of the horse be very happy. I love to win races for people that really appreciate it."

For Papineau, it's a life lived outside the bounds of a traditional working environment, and one her father never wanted for her. "My dad told me whatever I did, never become a jockey and never marry a jockey, I didn't listen very well. I became a jockey and I married one also."

Cherie Scrivner is a barrel racer from Nampa. Outdoor Idaho caught up with her at the Snake River Stampede. She says that from the time she was just a little girl she was horse crazy. "This is just what I love to do, I've barrel raced since I was seven."

Scrivner's partner on the Women's Professional Rodeo circuit is Rocky, a horse she didn't even like when she first saw her. "She was beat up, she had a short neck, she was fat she was just ugly and I bought her and she is absolutely beautiful now and she was a dream come true. I was supposed to have her. I love her. She's absolutely phenomenal."

For some, the love of horses leads them out into the mountains. That's the case for Lani Mulick and her daughters. They own Elkhorn Stables and lead pack trips up into the Copper Basin area outside of Mackay. Lani says, "You know what, it is work, it's a lot of work. But you see so much and you see people's lives change because it's so beautiful out here and people can't even imagine what it's like and so when they get out here and they start lookin' around and thinkin', 'You know, I've never seen nothin' like it before.'"

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