"The Hunt"


1. What percent of North Americans are hunters?

2. Responsible hunters try to use the lightest, slowest bullet when hunting game to make the contest more sporting.

3. You should shoulder your gun on the same side as your dominant eye.

4. To avoid having game spoil after field dressing it, you should keep it

5. Whether field dressing small game, birds, or big game, the hunter

6. The most important survival skill is knowing how to build a fire.

7. Which of these remedies should a hunter use to fight hypothermia?

8. Which of these statements is true?

9. Caliber is the term used to describe the diameter of the bores of both rifles and handguns.

10. Three hunters are spread out side by side shooting birds. A bird is flushed out closely in front of the middle man and flies directly away from the group. Whose shot is it?

11. Three hunters are in a single file line when a bird is flushed out directly in front of them and flies directly away. Whose shot is it?

12. Which of these 1800s groups was primarily responsible for nearly wiping out many game animals?

13. If you use number 4 lead shot for ducks, which number of steel shot would you use?

14. With a muzzleloader the maximum effective range will be

15. The most popular bow today, which uses a system of cables and wheels to shoot the arrow, is the

16. The maximum effective range for most bowhunters is

17. Basic survival rules say it is safest to hunt alone.

18. The international call for help is how many signals of any kind?

19. Uncontrollable shivering, loss of coordination and unclear speech are signs of

20. In any survival situation, the first and most important thing to do is:

21. A hunter can reduce the chances of capsizing by keeping weight

22. The Pittman-Robertson Act, passed in 1937 to help pay for wildlife management, hunter education, and shooting range construction, currently generates how many dollars per year?

23. The gun a hunter would likely use to hunt whitetail deer is

24. In Idaho it is legal for a hunter to sell parts from a black bear that they have taken legally.

25. Which animal, the mule deer or the whitetail deer, is considered more territorial?

26. When a turkey hen is flushed from her nest, she will usually desert it.

27. A turkey poult first begins to roost in trees about ____ after hatching.

28. The three unprotected bird species in Idaho are:

29. A proxy statement is required to transport any wild game for someone else.

30. The best color to wear in the field so others can see you is red.

31. Shotguns with higher gauge numbers have larger bores.

32. The more open the choke on a shotgun is, the wider the shot pattern.

33. With a shotgun, close targets need a more open choke.

34. The caliber of a rifle is given

35. The cartridge-holding inside rear part of the gun barrel is the

36. The forward end of a gun barrel is the

37. Which of these types of actions do Not use magazines?

38. The single-action revolver can be fired by

39. Smokeless powder is used in muzzleloading firearms.

40. In preparing a muzzleloader for shooting, the first thing a hunter should do is

41. Black powder lacks which of these?

42. When a rifle shell goes off after being hit by the firing pin, the primer burns and the powder explodes.

43. Compared to 1950, today's hunting accident rate is

44. Hunters must share game with landowners on whose land game is shot.

45. When hunting on a farmer's land, you come across an open gate. What should you do?

46. Conservation and preservation are the same.

47. Animals left to themselves in a habitat

48. Hunters spotting poachers should

49. In comparing lead shot to steel shot in waterfowl hunting, hunters need to remember that

50. In a home a firearm should be stored separately from its ammunition.