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Project Coordinators and Their Responsibilities

A salmon in a river

Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Develops and maintains captive broodstocks. Conducts field monitoring and evaluations such as investigating the success of out planted groups. Idaho Fish and Game genetic staff also provides genetics monitoring and support for the program such as background genetic identity analysis and development of spawning designs.

NOAA Fisheries - Shares captive broodstock fish culture responsibilities at two facilities located in Washington state.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife - Provides smolt rearing for the program.

University of Idaho - Provides genetic support for the program.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes - Conducts habitat investigations geared toward determining the ability of nursery lakes to receive eggs and fish from the program. Conducts and evaluates lake fertilization.

Bonneville Power Administration - Provides funding and technical administration and oversight.

Source: Idaho Fish and Game