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Dog Sled Races

dog sled race For over thirty-five years the US Pacific Coast Championship Sled Dog Race has been held at Priest Lake Idaho. Each year 75 to100 teams from around the country and as far away as Alaska and Canada gather on the west side of the lake for the competition.

There are multiple events ranging from sprint racing to long distance racing and even a triathlon. Sledders of all skill levels compete and they range in age from under seven to over seventy. Of course, they all have something in common...their love of their dogs.

"There’s no way to explain it, when you’re out there and they’re running there’s no other noise and they’re running good and you feel like they’re doing great and basically when you run the team you’re the lead dog. All the commands are by voice and they love the sport. They live to run, if we leave one off they have fits. It’s good for kids, it’s a good clean sport. It keeps you healthy and in shape. Where can you go where you can be out all day long and it will be like this? It’s gorgeous.”
         --Brendia Heintzelman, Sled Dog Racer

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