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Water Skiing

Water Skiing With over twenty thousand surface acres of water, eighty miles of shoreline and countless coves and inlets Priest Lake is a perfect place for water skiers. Though spring temperatures can be a little nippy here, there aren’t many boats on the water and skiers can regular find calm areas to make their turns. Even in the prime summer season, early risers can find glassy waters and little boat traffic.

Craig Hill and Dave Pool are two of those early risers. Craig is a co-owner and manager at Hills Resort and Dave lives next door. From spring to fall they’re usually out on the lake just after sunrise to experience the placid conditions that are a water skiers dream.

“It’s just the excitement of getting out of bed, walking out and it being as pretty as it is. Laying down some tracks with your buddies, it just gets your heart going, it makes the start of the whole day.”
         --Craig Hill, water skier

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