Land of the Lost River Range

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They may be Idaho's tallest mountains, but many would be hard pressed to find the Lost River Range on a map. "To most of us these mountains have remained in the shadows," says host and producer Bruce Reichert. "And yet they are still growing, by fits and starts, as evidenced by the 1983 earthquake."

The Outdoor Idaho crew explores the unique formations of the province geologists call Basin and Range, and meets the hardy individuals who live and work and play alongside these 12,000 foot peaks. "They're so majestic," says Mackay rancher and native Kevin Donahue; "They draw you home."

The Lost River Range is also a place to test oneself. The crew profiles 49 year old endurance runner Kelly Lance, who climbed all nine of the state's 12ers in record time.

In Mackay and Challis the struggle is to succeed in a fast-paced world without losing what so many appreciate. Outdoor Idaho visits a part of the state that in many ways still resembles the Old West.

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