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Idaho's Middle Earth

Caves were home to our ancestors, providing shelter from the elements, their walls a canvas for memories. Today, we are still drawn to the dark, the unknown, and even the beauty of what lies beneath our feet. OUTDOOR IDAHO goes under Idaho to discover and illuminate the pitch black world of wild caves in the first show of its 33rd season.

“Other than the deep ocean, there's nothing on the surface of the world as unknown, as mysterious, as potentially complicated ascaving,” says caver Bob Straub.

“When you go into that different ecosystem you come out a little different. You have a little different viewpoint about your role on the planet,” says Johanna Kovarik, Forest Service National Cave Program Coordinator. “There's something you take away with you.”

“To crawl, rappel, and climb underground is an experience like nothing you can imagine until you've done it. It tests your fear of the dark,” says producer Sauni Symonds. “It was a challenge not only for our camera gear, but our crew as well.” Join OUTDOOR IDAHO as we journey to Idaho's Middle Earth.