Indian Creek Airfield

Mile 25

Indian Creek airstrip in the distanceOne of the busiest airfields in Idaho during the summer months is the backcountry air strip at Indian Creek Guard Station. Located 25 miles downriver from the Boundary Creek put-in, Indian Creek becomes the put-in of choice once the water level drops.

Indian Creek boasts an extra long, unpaved airstrip. In the early morning hours, planes loaded with hundreds of pounds of rafting gear and guests arrive. Boaters then spend the next hour or two hauling all that gear down long, wooden steps to the river.

folks getting ready to get on the river

Without airstrips like the one at Indian Creek, the boating season on the Middle Fork would virtually end in August.

Visit the OUTDOOR IDAHO "Idaho Getaways" Web site. The trip we did for that show started here at Indian Creek. Read the diary.

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