The Flying B Ranch

Mile 67

Watch a clip from the show on Flying B Ranch.

flying b ranch in the distanceThe Flying B is one of the best known ranches on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Its beach is a regular stop for thousands of rafters who walk up to the nearby ranch store to buy ice, supplies, drinks, and other goodies like ice cream.

The ranch is privately owned by a consortium of owner/members, but occasionally rafters will stop to purchase meals or an overnight stay.

Situated a little past the halfway point for most Middle Fork trips, the "B" lies at 3,600 feet elevation and has its own airstrip. In addition to the store it has a main lodge, several cabins, a barn and corral with operations manager cal henrylivestock; it even has a hydroelectric power plant. It's one of the historic ranches "grandfathered" in when the Frank Church wilderness was created.

The operations manager for the ranch is Cal Henry. "It's just like a little town all itself, and you've got to just take care of everything on it, and it gets to be a challenge sometimes... It's just something I've always wanted to do, and it just seems like I'm at home back here in the back country, and that's why I like it, I guess."

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