Mining Idaho

Do you remember the first time you kissed a girl? Of course you do. And I remember the first gold I got, too. And did I yell Yippy Skippy at age 48? You're darn right I did, and jumped up and did a dance!"
-- Joe Gault, Prospector

Chunks of goldIt's the stuff of legends, the maker of dreams. And nearly 150 years ago, in a wild untamed country, it changed everything. Almost overnight, towns sprang up, wherever prospectors struck it rich.

Eventually, the magic faded. But not completely, not everywhere. Miners, after all, produce things we need. And this is, after all, Idaho. Home of the batholith, incubator of precious metals.

As the price of metals reaches historic levels, mining activity is on the rise, in places like Wallace and the Boise Basin, near Atlanta and Challis and Sandpoint and Soda Springs.

OUTDOOR IDAHO poses the question: what role should mining play in a society that now puts a premium on clean water and clean air?

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