Dan Hussey

Dan Hussey is the manager of explorations at U.S. Silver. He talks about the different kinds of veins in the Galena mine and the future of silver mining.

"I’ve been here three years, and the thing that I’ve found most amazing is how much ore is still here."

"We’ve been mining this mine for over fifty years; it’s gone from the surface down to the 5500 foot level, and there’s still a lot of ore left to be mined. I call it low hanging fruit. There’s a lot of low hanging fruit to go after."

"Mining here is sustainable. We mine narrow, high grade veins here in the Silver Valley, and I think we’re good for many more decades."

Watch an interview with Dan Hussey, Manager of Explorations, at U.S. Silver, on looking for silver at the Galena Mine.
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