Steve Petroni

Steve Petroni is the exploration manager for Hecla Mining Company. He is working with 3-D animations created by scanning historic mining maps and talks about their usefulness in mineral exploration.

"And the ‘eureka’ moment is that you can see when one fault comes in this way and another fault comes in this way. And lo and behold, there’s a mineral deposit or an ore body that’s found at the intersection of those faults."

"If you’re looking right at one of the ore bodies that we mine, and you’re looking at it directly on, it looks like it’s this very large block of mineralization. But as you rotate that block, you find it’s like looking at my hand. You see a very broad area. But as you rotate that, you find out that those ore bodies are very long and narrow, and they’re almost like exploring for sheets of paper."

Watch an interview with Steve Petroni, Exploration Manager, at Hecla Mining Company, on their innovative 3D graphics that help them locate mineral deposits.
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