Valuable Links

Idaho Geological Survey, the lead agency for collecting and disseminating geologic information and mineral data in the state

Idaho Mining Association, the official site for mining matters in Idaho

Mining Minerals of Idaho, a description of minerals mined in Idaho

Idaho Conservation League, a non-profit organization actively involved in mining issues

Bureau of Land Management, how to file a mining claim

Mining.Com, a site with up-to-date stories about mining around the world

"Loaded: Idaho's Motherlode," a look at Idaho's 19th century mining history from the Idaho State Historical Society

Coeur d'Alene Mining District, a short history of the Silver Valley

"Gold miners hunker down," from the Denver Post

"Soaring Gold Prices Lure New Breed of Diggers," from the New York Times

"Heavy Price for Gold," from the Las Vegas Sun

"Mercury-emitting mine in Nevada shuts down," from the Idaho Statesman

"Nevada gold mine ordered to close," from the Idaho Mountain Express

Revett Minerals

Rock Creek Alliance

U.S. Forest Service page on the proposed Rock Creek Mine

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