Motorized Idaho

When you’re out riding it’s a feeling of total exhilaration. I get a high and it’s natural and it’s beautiful and there is a freedom that you can’t get any where else... You can’t tell anybody. They have to experience it to know what it’s really like.
—Sharla Mckay from Motorized Idaho

Motorized recreation has become a huge pastime in Idaho, and it’s getting bigger every year. There are more than a hundred thousand registered off highway vehicles in the state…a ten fold increase in twenty years. Add to that thousands of snowmobiles, jet boats, and other conveyances and you’ll come up with a lot of people and machines in the backcountry. From whitewater rivers, to steep sand dunes, high alpine forests and snow covered slopes there are an assortment of terrains to explore with the help of a variety of high powered machines.

photos of dirt bike rider, jet boat, sand car and snowmobilers
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