Snowmobiling in the Bear River Range

scenic photo of bear rangeThe magnificent mountain scenery of Idaho changes dramatically when winter snows blanket the landscape. In the southeastern corner of the state the white slopes of the Bear River Range rise above the fog shrouded waters of nearby Bear Lake.

The lake itself is more than a mile high while the peaks climb several thousand feet higher. The rugged section of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest has long been a popular getaway for local snowmobilers.

group of snowmobilers on a backcountry trail

After snowmobiling in a hundred different places we always say there’s no place like home. Our mountains are the best. We have the best snow, it’s just awesome and I just think that everybody should see this... It’s just gorgeous, it’s a good getaway.
     —ReNae Egley, local snowmobiler

ReNae and her husband have been riding in these mountains for more than thirty years. They’ve involved their entire family in the sport and also have a great group of friends who join them on their winter adventures. Friends like Warren Wilde. Wilde has been riding even longer than the Egleys; he’s been snowmobiling snowmobiler in scenic backcountry idahofor over four decades. In all that time the enjoyment he experiences on the snow covered slopes hasn’t diminished, even after decades of discovery.

I like to go up on a ridge or up on top of a peak or something and even if I’ve been there fifty or a hundred times before I like to stop and look at the scenery again… There’s nothing better in the world. We’re right next to heaven.

—Warren Wilde, local snowmobiler

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