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My Excellent Adventure

Is there an adventure that you’ve always wanted to experience?  That’s the question we posed to our Facebook friends.  The result is an hour-long program called “My Excellent Adventure,” a collection of eight adventure stories that take viewers to some of Idaho’s special places.  

“We worked with experts and outfitters to make some of these adventures work,” explained Outdoor Idaho producer Sauni Symonds. “The eight adventures in our show took about a year to shoot and produce; we think they represent a pretty good cross-section of what’s possible to experience in Idaho, from climbing the state’s tallest mountain to rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon and Snowcat skiing in the Salmon River Mountains.”

“Think of it as a bucket list of great adventures,” said host and executive producer Bruce Reichert. “Every one of these adventures will resonate with folks. Every one of these involved leaving one’s comfort zone and exploring new places.”  

“Many of Outdoor Idaho’s loyal viewers follow us on Facebook,” said Symonds.  “So, we thought it would be fun to ask some of our Facebook friends to participate.  After sending out a request to submit a bucket list adventure, or, as we now refer to it, an Excellent Adventure, we received several ideas that seemed to fit our theme for a show.  From there we narrowed it down to eight.”