Backpacking Advice (Outdoor Idaho: The Next Generation)

The Next Generation


By Jerry Painter

     A good friend once told me: "I spent several days with my wife and young daughter backpacking to a beautiful mountain lake. We viewed Jackson Hole from the crest of the Tetons. We saw wonderful wildlife. But I've never been able to get them to go since." Why? Because, although this was dream trip for Dad, it was a doozie for his tenderfeet hikers. They became burned out after the second day on the trail. No matter how fantastic the next lake or vista was, the price in effort for them was too dear.
     If you're just getting started taking your children on hikes, there are a few key things that will keep your family eager to keep going summer after summer. I tell mom and dad to first pay attention to the spoilers. The spoilers are the things which can go wrong and spoil a hiking trip. Enough spoilers and your children may never want to go hiking again. Here are a few of the worst:      There are always a few things that help to make hiking fun for children. And if the experience is fun, you'll have made some converts to the recreation. Here are a few ideas: ---------

     "Great Trails for Family Hiking: The Tetons" by Jerry Painter will introduce your children to the joys of hiking _ safely and comfortable. Written by the father of five avid hikers, this family-oriented guide will help you select the best trails for youngsters seeking fun and adventure. Find out where to see marmots, deer, beaver, elk, eagles, even moose and bear. Plan exciting destinations that include great fishing spots, wind caves, swimming holes, ferry rides, and abandoned settlers' cabins. Easy to use and fun to read, "Great Trails for Family Hiking is ideal for families, scout troops, and other youth groups. The book includes:
  • Thirty-six hikes in and around Grand Teton National Park, ranging from short nature walks to all-day and overnight trips.
  • Detailed, easy-to-read maps, with illustrations and photographs.
  • Outdoor safety, climate, and equipment information.
  • Tips on hiking with kids, from infant to teenager.
  • Games and activities.
  • Comments from children on the various hikes.

  •      Jerry Painter is a writer, newspaper graphics specialist, and publisher of Backcountry Trail Guide, a newsletter on regional trails in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. He lives with his family in Idaho, just over the hill from the Tetons.

    The Next Generation