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Featured Authors:

The Tetons:  Great Trails for Family Hiking
Painter, Jerry
Pruett Publishing Company
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 449-4919

Idaho Off-road:  Backcountry drives for the whole family
Huegel, Tony
The Post Company,
Idaho Falls, Id
(208) 522-1800

Other Books and Articles:

The Parent's Guide To Camping With Children
Woodson, Roger and Kimberley
Betterway Books

Adventuring With Children
by: Nan Jeffre
Foghorn Press

Backcountry Classroom
by: Drury & Bonne
ICS Books

Backpacking with Babies and Small Children
by: Goldie Silverman
Wilderness Press

Camping and Backpacking with Children
by: Boga
Stackpole Press

Climbing with Children
by: Joyce
Menasha Ridg

Fly-Fishing with Children
by: Philip Brunquel
Countryman Press

Wilderness U: Opportunities for Outdoor Education in the U.S. & Abroad
by: McMillon
Chicago Review Press

Wilderness with Children
by: Hodgson
Stackpole Press

Get down and dirty outdoors: there's no better way to study nature!
(*teaching* students about natural environment)
Spann, Mary Beth
Instructor (1990), v103, n9, p24(2)
May-June, 1994

How can risks be reduced? (outdoor education)(includes related article
on difficulties facing outdoor education centres)
Tytler, David
The Guardian, pEG2(1)
March 30, 1993

Soul fix: Outward Bound renews mind, body, and soul.
(outdoor education *school*)
Allis, Sam
Travel-Holiday, v175, n6, p28(3)
July-August, 1992

Strictly for birders. (camp for ornithologists)
Matthews, Downs
Sports Illustrated, v76, n23, p8(2)
June 15, 1992

Down by the sea.
(fun activities by the beach for students during the National Week of the 
McCormick, Kimberly
Instructor (1990), v101, n7, p47(1)
March, 1992

Getting the most out of outdoor training.
Buller, Paul F.; Cragun, John R.; McEvoy, Glenn M.
Training & Development Journal, v45, n3, p58(4)
March, 1991

Take me to the river.
(outdoor training programs for managers)
Wiesendanger, Betsy
Sales & Marketing Management, v142, n12, p62(6)
Oct, 1990

Wilderness U: backcountry as classroom.
(Prescott College, Prescott, AZ)
Hodgson, Michael
Backpacker, v18, n6, p12(1)
Oct, 1990

Classrooms in the wild: where textbooks are written in trees and
lessons are taken straight from life itself.
Gosnell, Mariana
Wilderness, v53, n189, p39(6)
Summer, 1990

Camping's role in outdoor education: finding wilderness in the leaf.
Kauffman, Robert B.
Camping Magazine, v62, n6, p20(4)

Integrating values clarification into outdoor adventure programs and
Attarian, Aram
JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, v67,
Oct, 1996
ISSN: 0730-3084      LANGUAGE: English      RECORD TYPE: Fulltext;

Outwardly mobile.
Rogers, Rick
Times Educational Supplement, n4132, pS15(1)
Sept 8, 1995

*Teaching* ecology in urban environments.
Fail, Joseph, Jr.
The American Biology Teacher, v57, n8, p522(4)
Nov-Dec, 1995

Effective skills instruction in outdoor adventure education.
Luckner, John
JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, v65,
Jan, 1994

Taking advantage of out-of-*school* opportunities for meaningful social
 studies learning.
Alleman, Janet; Brophy, Jere
The Social Studies, v85, n6, p262(6)
Nov-Dec, 1994

When the wilderness becomes a classroom.
Herdman, Paul
Educational Leadership, v52, n3, p15(5)
Nov, 1994

Reading between the lines - outdoor experience as environmental text.
Brookes, Andrew
JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, v65,
Oct, 1994

Knowing Your Friends.
Quinn, Michael S.
Pathways:  The  Ontario  Journal of Outdoor Education; v7 n6 p5-8

 Teaching Children to Save the Earth.
  Wilson, Ruth A.
  Early Childhood News; v8 n2 p24-26 Mar-Apr 1996
 Back to Our Roots in Nature's Classroom.
  Fenton, Gail McClelland
  Young Children; v51 n3 p8-11 Mar 1996

 History and Personal Narratives in Outdoor Education.
  Plotkin, Rachel; Sheridan, Joe
  Pathways:  The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education; v7 n5 p10-13

 Teacher as Guide--the Rachel Carson Way. Environmental Education.
  Wilson, Ruth
  Early Childhood Education Journal; v23 n1 p49-51 Fall 1995

 Nature and Young Children: A Natural Connection.
  Wilson, Ruth A.
  Young Children; v50 n6 p4-11 Sep 1995

 Integrated Curriculum in a Tiny Texas Garden.
  Monk, Sarah K.
  Dimensions of Early Childhood; v23 n4 p8-9 Sum 1995

 The Children's Garden Project at River Farm.
  Heffernan, Maureen
  Children's Environments; v11 n3 p221-31 Sep 1994
  Available  from Chapman & Hall, Inc., One Penn Plaza, 41st Fl., New
NY 10019.

Urban  Children's  Preferences  for  Nature:  Lessons  for  Environmental
  Simmons, Deborah A.
  Children's Environments; v11 n3 p194-203 Sep 1994
  Available  from Chapman & Hall, Inc., One Penn Plaza, 41st Fl., New
NY 10019.

Beginning Bird-Watching: New Programming Ideas Made More
  Strauss, Mitchell
  Camping Magazine; v66 n6 p24-26 Jul-Aug 1994

 Connecting with Nature.
  Rodenburg, Jacob
  Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education; v6 n5 p33-36
Sum 1994

 Popcorn Anyone? Grazing the Future.
  Magee, Clare
  Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education; v6 n3 p20-22 Apr

 Helping Children Value and Appreciate Nature.
  Bullock, Janis R.
  Day Care & Early Education; v21 n4 p4-8 Sum 1994

 Enhancing the Outdoor Learning Environment of Preschool Programmes.
  Wilson, Ruth
  Environmental Education; v46 p26-27 Sum 1994
  This  article  is  the  first of two parts. For Part II, see Volume 47 of
this journal.

Green Resources: Ten Books Every Camp Environmentalist Should
  Griner-Johnson, Russ
  Camping Magazine; v66 n3 p36-38 Jan-Feb 1994

 Ron Hirschi: He Finds Excitement in a Handful of Dirt.
  Allen, Raymond
  Teaching Pre K-8; v24 n5 p42-44 Feb 1994

 Why Disturb the World Outside?
  Horwood, Bert
  Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education; v6 n1 p5-7 Dec

 Once upon a Time.
  Dyer, Alan; Hodgson, John
  Pathways to Outdoor Communication; v3 n2 p12-14 Fall 1993

 Activities for Developing Sensory Awareness.
  Burns, Sandra Flynn
  Nature Study; v44 n4 p30-31 Dec 1991

 Healing   the  Earth  within  Us:  Environmental  Education  as  Cultural
  Gough, Noel
  Journal of Experiential Education; v13 n3 p12-17 Nov 1990

 Let  Nature  Be  the  Teacher:  Seasonal  Natural  History Activities for
Parents and Other Educators To Share with Young Children.
  Gertz, Lucille N.
  Habitat Inst. for the Environment, Belmont, MA.
  98p.; Illustrated by Nancy N. Childs.

 The  Geography  of  Childhood: Why Children Need Wild Places. The
  Nabhan, Gary Paul; Trimble, Stephen

 The Great Outdoors: Restoring Children's Right To Play Outside.
  Rivkin, Mary S.
  National  Association  for  the  Education of Young Children,

 Habitats: Making Homes for Animals and Plants.
  Hickman, Pamela M.
  Aug 1993

Outdoor  Education  Research:  Implications  for  Social/Educational  and
Natural Resource Policy.
  Ewert, Alan; McAvoy, Leo
  Jan 1994

 Nature through Science and Art.
  Criswell, Susie Gwen

 Journey to the Heart of Nature. A Guided Exploration.
  Cornell, Joseph; Deranja, Michael

 Trails,  Tails  &  Tidepools  in  Pails.  Over  100  Fun  and Easy Nature
Activities  for  Families  and  Teachers  To  Share  with  Babies and
  Nursery Nature Walks, Santa Monica, CA.

 Field Guides Made Easy. 4-H Leader's Guide L-5-21.
  Phillips, Diane Held; Krasny, Marianne E.
  Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. Cooperative Extension Service.
  Jun 1991
  22p.; For related documents, see RC 018 824-829.
  Sponsoring Agency: New York State 4-H Foundation, Inc.

 Teaching  Kids To Love the Earth. Sharing a Sense of Wonder...186
Activities for Parents and Other Teachers.
  Herman, Marina Lachecki; And Others

 Hunting and Outdoor Education.
  Matthews, Bruce E.
  Coalition for Education in the Outdoors, Cortland, NY.
  Coalition  for  Education  in  the  Outdoors (CEO) Newsletter; p1-3,18-20
Win/Spr 19911991

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