Prodcuer Notes (Outdoor Idaho: The Next Generation)

The Next Generation

Producer notes:
by Joan Cartan-Hansen

While on a recent Outdoor Idaho shoot, I found myself watching the sun rise over the Tetons. It was cool, crisp morning. The sky was an ice clear blue. And as we watched the sun come up, I was brought back to all the summers I spent in the Tetons as a child.

When I was young, my family lived only a couple of hours away and we often canoed, camped and hiked here. I always felt Grand Teton National Park was actually mine. I mentally claimed it as a second home. It was a place in which I could always find peace and from that, a sense of pure joy.

I now wonder if my two children will have that same sense of place. What will their "second home" be? And if I'm asking this question, are other parents thinking about this too? That curiosity inspired me to work on this episode of Outdoor Idaho.

We who live in the West are blessed with access to magnificent public lands. Almost any outdoor activity is within our reach. But unless you work day-to-day in the out-of-doors, you often forget about the importance of taking your children into nature. This program is designed to be a reminder that it is easy and important to take your family on an outdoor adventure.

While I do hope this show encourages parents to start thinking about making the out-of-doors a real part of their children's lives, I also hope this program will encourage other adults to act. Take your niece and nephew camping. Go boating with a young neighbor. Teach your grandchildren to fish. If you help bring nature into a child's life, you have given them the best gift any adult can give.

My husband and I are now planning a trip back to the Tetons this summer. The kids may be too young to share my love for the place, but by getting to know those mountains, they will grow to understand me a little better. And hopefully, they will find the same joy I've found and pass that along to the next generation.

The Next Generation