Off the Grid

"I've always thought, looking back a century ago, life was so much easier and less convoluted. I don't know...just living off the grid sort of taps into that a little bit where we feel more self-sufficient," says Sue Miller, Victor.

Living off the power grid is nothing new. But how and why people do it is forever changing.

"There's no power bills, there's no water bills, there's no sewer bills, there's no permits, and all that kind of stuff," says Steve Willey, Sandpoint.

It's a movement of sorts, driven mostly by a need for self-sufficiency. And for some, being dis-connected is a way to re-connect with the land and nature.

"We're interested in having a relationship with the natural world, so that we are improving our own lives and improving the world around us simultaneously," says Esther Emery, homesteader.

Join us as we take a trip… off-the-grid.

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