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Owyhee Canyoneers

Idaho's southern desert is more than a vast landscape of sagebrush, rattlesnakes and brutal terrain. Deep slot canyons raked out of the earth by prehistoric flooding today protect natural ecosystems that are seldom visited.

Outdoor Idaho joins a group of intrepid canyoneers as they backpack deep into Idaho's outback in the Pole Creek Wilderness. The group explores narrow canyons and caves and rappels into spring-fed pools deep within the wildlands of the state's southwest corner. This program chronicles the challenges and shares the surprises found in these often-forgotten lands.

"Most people don't think of Idaho as a canyoneering state, but it actually has some of the most interesting and challenging canyon adventures in the West," says producer Sauni Symonds. "Because these canyons are very remote, half the challenge is just getting there."

"Canyoneering is a very difficult sport, and it's not one that everybody would enjoy or even want to do, but the areas that we visit are beautiful and inspiring," says trip leader Lisa Jennings. "People who love canyoneering really love the challenge."