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Owyhee Adventures

“The Owyhee country of Southwest Idaho and Southeast Oregon and Northern Nevada is some of the most remote country in the entire United States. It's inaccessible, inhospitable and yet a wonderful and rejuvenating place to be. Photographs don't do it justice, you have to be here to really understand the grandeur that exists in the Owyhee plateau.”

Greg Stahl, Idaho Rivers United from “Owyhee Adventures”

On first glance the Owyhee Desert is a desolate, lonely and forbidding place. But beyond the sage and endless horizon are hidden gems. Narrow canyons, creeks and rivers which hold immense beauty. These slender waterways that course through the Canyonlands are conduits for adventure. From packrafting and kayaking to hiking and canyoneering there are different ways to explore this remarkable country. Though not many are willing to take on the significant challenges of the Owyhee, those who do find a place of grandeur and solitude, a place they can reconnect with nature and themselves. Outdoor Idaho follows the daring few deep into the desert on a series of “Owyhee Adventures”.