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Palisades by Season

You can access the Palisades Ranger District any way you want . . . any time you want. The access is in place, but so is the protection that keeps Palisades a place of use for people and for wildlife. "We believe in trying to get a lot of different things out of these 442,000 acres," says Bud Alford, Palisades Ranger District wildlife biologist. "You can't always do it on the same acre, but you do it across the landscape."

The tailwater coming out of Palisades Reservoir is the most famous feature in the district. People come from all over the world in the summer to fish the famed South Fork of the Snake River which hosts more than 5,000 wild trout per mile.

Soaring high above all the fish and the fisherman is the nation's symbol of freedom. Palisades is a stronghold for bald eagles. It's also the prime picking patch for huckleberries as the summer colors fade to fall.

Come winter, Palisades belongs to the wildlife when snow and ice crown the frozen country. See the season of white and every other time of year shimmer in Outdoor Idaho's new show: "Palisades by Season."