City of Rocks

Scenic of rocks
Emigrants heading southwest on the California Trail followed the Raft River for many miles. Later they would reach another landmark not far from the current Idaho/Nevada border . . . the City of Rocks. Today, the area is protected as the City of Rocks National Reserve.

City of Rocks—axle grease

The emigrants were impressed with the huge stones and boulders they found here. Some stopped long enough to record their passing by writing their names on the rocks with axle grease.

City of Rocks—wagon through rocks
"This morning we started early, at half past five o'clock and nearly all day traveled over rough roads. During the forenoon we passed through a stone village composed of huge, isolated rocks of various and singular shapes, some resembling cottages, others stooples and domes. It is called 'City of Rocks' more suitable. It is a sublime, strange, and wonderful scene—one of nature's most interesting works."
-- Margaret A. Frink, July 17, 1850