Clover Creek camp site

Clover Creek-Bear Lake ValleyThe Clover Creek camp site on the Oregon Trail was located in the Bear Lake Valley where Montpelier, Idaho stands today. It was a welcome stopping place for the emigrants who had crossed the desert of western Wyoming and overcome the challenges of Big Hill.

"There were all these fresh, refreshing rejuvenating things waiting for them in this valley to be able to spur them on, because once you leave the Bear lake Valley you go back into that wilderness or that desert especially down by the Snake River and the Massacre Rocks area."
--Becky Smith, National Oregon/California Trail Center at Montpelier

Clover Creek-Trail CenterAs director of the Oregon/California Trail Center, Becky Smith appreciates the facilities historic location on the Clover Creek encampment site. The center celebrates the heritage of the trail and also gives visitors a feel for the journey with their living history presentations. Through her various roles at the center Smith feels she’s continuing the legacy of the Oregon Trail.

Clover Creek-Becky Smith"Well I do feel a connection with the pioneers who have travelled this way and especially when I work here at the Oregon Trail Center. It’s so important for us never to lose that zest for life that they had, that there is a chance that you can do something over or you can make it better and I think if I had one wish it would be to be able to every so often recreate that and have more facilities like this where people can come and touch base with the past, learn from the past so that we’d have a better future."
--Becky Smith, National Oregon/California Trail Center at Montpelier