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National Wind Watch – Wind Power News in Idaho

Idaho National Laboratory Supports Wind Powering America

American Wind Energy Association: Promoting a Clean Source of Electricity for Consumers Around the World

Harvesting Clean Energy – Building Awareness for the Benefits of Renewable Energy Technologies in the Northwest

Windustry…Working to Increase Wind Energy Opportunities for Rural Landowners and Communities

Renewable Northwest Project – Potential Wind Energy in the Pacific Northwest


Idaho Office of Energy Resources – Solar Power Development

Renewable Northwest Project – Potential Solar Energy Technologies in the Pacific Northwest

Idaho Power Educates Students About Renewable Energy With Installations On School Property

Idaho National Laboratory Develop a Novel Way To Collect Energy from the Sun

Solar Energy International – Solar Energy Facts

American Solar Energy Society


Idaho Office of Energy Resources – History of Geothermal Power in Idaho

Idaho Could Lead Geothermal Energy In U.S.

Renewable Northwest Project – Potential Geothermal Energy Technologies in the Pacific Northwest

U.S. Department of Energy – Geothermal FAQs

Idaho National Laboratory – How Geothermal Energy is Harnessed


Facility would use dairy waste to produce natural gas

News about Cow Manure Energy


Idaho Office of Energy Resources – The Bioenergy Program

Pacific Regional Biomass Energy Partnership – Learn About Bioenergy

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