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BEFORE YOU GO Reprinted from www.skibeat.co.uk

Consider carefully whether your child is ready to learn to ski. Pushing an unwilling or nervous child may put them off for life. Tell your children about the snow and how cold it can be. Show them the clothes they will wear, have a practice putting the ski gear on at home. For children who are going to ski, lessons on a dry ski slope are invaluable even just to try on skis and boots.

young skierWhat to bring:

Below is a guideline of what to pack for non-skiing babies and toddlers as well as older skiing children. Generally, it is best to dress your family in 3-4 layers of lightweight clothing under ski and snow wear. Label everything. This includes all clothing, footwear, ski gear, bottles etc (we are open to ideas on how to label sun glasses and a few other awkward items!).

  • Warm and waterproof snowsuit (probably x 2)
  • Hat that covers the ears
  • Waterproof mittens
  • Sunglasses (check the UV filter level)
  • Waterproof, lined boots with thick rubber soles
  • Fleece tops or jumpers
  • Vests, tights and/or thermal long underwear
  • Ski outfit x 2
  • Hat that covers the ears
  • Helmets are strongly recommended, they can be rented from ski shops
  • Waterproof ski gloves/mittens x 2
  • Good quality sunglasses and goggles
  • Knee-length ski socks
  • Waterproof, lined boots with thick rubber soles
  • Thermal long underwear
  • Take plenty of total sun block and zinc cream/lip salve for lips, noses and ears. Impress upon your children the importance of applying sun screen regularly throughout the day.

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