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Getting Young Children into Climbing

Enroll your child in a climbing group/class. It is important that they learn safety rules from the start. A number of gyms offer classes, clubs, even special birthday party packages.

young rock climberBe sure your child really likes climbing before buying equipment. You can rent everything you need. Have them try different climbing walls under proper supervision. If you want to buy equipment, all you need to have is an adjustable harness and helmet. Everything else is optional. If you want to purchase shoes, they should fit snugly. Check for used shoes on sale or at gear swaps with other parents.

Once your child has gained some experience, your child can learn to belay, tie in, etc. Not every child is ready for this kind of responsibility until they are at least 13. Done properly, this is one of the safest sports there are, but done incorrectly, someone could be seriously hurt. This can be a wonderful family sport. Why not take it up together?

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