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Making the Show

chuck on belay

joan and matt

chuck preparing to climb

matt shooting

The young people featured in this episode weren't the only ones pushing their boundaries in the making of this show. Videographer/Editor Chuck Cathcart and I tried new ways of shooting and editing this program. View some pictures of Chuck, videographer Matt Nelson as we shoot in the City of Rocks. And yes, Chuck did actually hang off the wall to get some great shots!

My thanks to all the wonderful young people who participated in this program. They were very kind to let us film them as they struggled. My appreciation also goes to the adults who guide and mentor these kids. Without their care and concern, none of this would happen.

If I learned anything from producing this episode, it was that courage is not in short supply. These great young people focused on a goal,even if it was just making it down the ski hill, and did it. I'm just glad we can share their victories with you.

Joan Cartan-Hansen

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