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Camp Rainbow Gold

"I really believe that there are old souls that walk among us and you can see them in the eyes of these children and they teach you more in a week at camp than some of us will be fortunate enough to learn in our lives."
                --Rob Cronin, Camp Rainbow Gold Assistant Director, 2003

team of climbers in show Camp Rainbow Gold is a camp for children who have been, or are being treated for cancer. Run by the American Cancer Society, it's located near Ketchum, Idaho, beneath the Boulder mountains. For 5 days, 60 children can run, play, laugh and swim with other children like themselves. The program is free of charge, and all the counselors, doctors and nurses donate their time.

In the summer of 2003, "Outdoor Idaho" producer Marcia Franklin and videographer Jay Krajic spent the week with the children and staff of the camp and produced a 30-minute documentary.

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