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Camp Rainbow Gold Campers

young girl Victorina, Age 6
All the kids are going to go camping, leukemia kids like me. And all the kids are going to be happy to go camping and going somewhere.
boy Matt, Age 13
I don't like going to camp and being bored and not doing things. I like going to camp and doing action, eating and stuff like that…and helping others. There might be some kids that might be crying or something like that. I should help them out, tell them about the fun activities they can do.
boy Grant, Age 15
I hope I don't get homesick from being up there that long because I've never been away from my family that long.
girl Jo, Age 16
I mean high school can be so cruel. I get made fun of constantly for the way I walk and it can just be so cruel. And these guys, I go around and walk around weird and they kind of don't even notice, which is great, they don't say anything. I'm just like everyone else. I'm not any different.
girl Clayton, Age 11
The outdoors here is just beautiful. The surroundings are just beautiful here. That's what I really like about this place. It's just beautiful.
girl Lindsay, Age 13
I was really depressed when I was first diagnosed and I was just like, "I can't do this." And once I came to camp it was so much better. Camp gives you like a whole new attitude on everything. And so I think that if you're going through like cancer or even if you're a counselor, you should come and I guarantee you that it'll change your attitude.