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Camp Rainbow Gold Parents

jennifer's mother Jennifer Groner, Matt's Mother
In the regular environment that he grows up in, whether it's in the house or school, every new situation, there's always limits that are set on him. When he goes to Rainbow Camp, he's able to express himself freely, there's no bounds, he can do anything he wants.
elysa's father Mark Logullo, father of Elysa, who died the past year
It was that that one week of the summer, she wasn't a cancer person, she wasn't a patient. She wasn't in treatment. She was allowed to just be a kid.
victorina's mother Marta Mayorga, Victorina's Mother
For all those parents of children with leukemia, I would give the advice to not lose faith, that their children will get better just like my daughter got better with the help of the doctors and God too.