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Campbell's Ferry

Campbell's Ferry is a beautiful piece of property above the river that was homesteaded by William Campbell. He ran a ferry that helped thousands of miners cross the river on their way to the Thunder Mountain area. Warren Cook built the historic cabin that still stands at the location in 1906 after Campbell's original cabin burned.

The original cabin at Campbell's Ferry

One of the most well known residents of the property was Frances Zaunmiller who came into the area from southeast Texas. She lived here for many years and was instrumental in helping to get a bridge built that spanned the Salmon River at the location of the old ferry.

Frances Zaunmiller

Doug and Phyllis Tims are co-owners of Cambells Ferry who offer tours and a history lesson for visitors. They are spending their retirement years helping to maintain and restore this historic spot.

Doug and Phyllis sitting on their porch

"As you get older you want things to slow down, to slow down the pace of your life and what better way to do it than to connect here with the basics in a place that everything has slowed down. When William Campbell came here in 1897 he came to a place where everything moved at the speed of a horse and just to slow things down and make the small important things in your life important again."
--Doug Tims, co-owner Campbell's Ferry

"It connects me to my own heritage. I think about my grandparents and how they lived, my great grandparents. All of us at some point had people in our lives who lived something like this. And it's really meaningful to me. I love to sit and think about how they would feel about my living here."
--Phyllis Tims, co-owner Campbells Ferry