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China Bar

China Bar began as a patented mining claim that got its name from Chinese gold miners who spent a couple years on the bar reworking the property after white settlers had moved on.

Clyde and Don Smith

Later, in the 1930s Clyde and Don Smith picked the location as one of their bases for Salmon River Tours. Don's son Bob continued the outfitting business for many years at this location.

China Bar

Then in 1981 Mike McLain started learning the ropes with Bob Smith's guidance. He took over the business eight years later when Smith retired. McLain has now been working out of China Bar for more than two decades.

Mike McLain

"The one thing I guess I need to keep in mind is why I left a good job and came here. You've got to trade riches for riches. There's richness in living here and doing this that money can't buy. It's living in the fountain of youth here really. Most people don't believe I'm as old as I am so I live in the fountain of youth. So I've got to credit the river for that."
--Mike McLain, co-owner China Bar