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Salmon River Lodges & Legacies

The Salmon River flows through the heart of Idaho, weaving a legacy of beauty and history through the landscapes it passes. This is the river that turned back Lewis and Clark and for decades was visited only by a few hardy pioneers and explorers.

Today thousands of people float the main Salmon River each year. From the Corn Creek launch ramp, boaters embark on a trip that will carry them through one of the deepest canyons in the country. Here the Salmon flows through vast wilderness areas that sprawl for over five million acres. And sprinkled amidst this natural beauty are dozens of historic locations with stories of the pioneers and prospectors who found their way to this remote canyon.

Outdoor Idaho explores some of the Salmon River's remarkable spots and legendary characters as we journey by raft and jet boat to rustic lodges and other landmarks on the river. Along the way we'll meet some of the people who are continuing the legacy begun by the early pioneers of the area. It's a unique adventure that showcases why the Salmon River is one of the gems of Idaho.