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Mackay Bar

Mackay Bar

Mackay Bar is one of the most well known spots on the river. It was once a prime winter camp for Native Americans. The first white settler, William B. Mackay arrived around 1900. Cattle and mining operations were another part of its early history but by the mid 1950s Mackay was on the way to becoming a well known guest ranch. The man that spearheaded the transition was outfitter Al Tice.

Al Tice in boat

Half a century later new owners Don and Andrea Betzold are working hard to keep the Mackay tradition alive. They appreciate the history of the place and are looking forward to being part of the Salmon River community.

Don Betzold

'I feel fortunate to be part of the history of Mackay Bar. I think there were some great people who came before me and if I can live up to that legend I'll just be happy. That pretty much sums up why I'm here. I just wanted to be part of it."
--Don Betzold, co-owner Mackay Bar

Andrea Betzold

"Everybody knows Mackay Bar. Everybody you talk to has some kind of relationship with Mackay Bar, either somebody worked for them or they stayed there or something. So when you talk about Mackay Bar everybody knows what you're talking about, where you're talking about. So it's like we got to sneak into a little piece of history being owners of Mackay Bar."
--Andrea Betzold, co-owner Mackay Bar