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River of No Return Lodge

This is the lodges' second location on the river. The original facility was put together by Don and Clyde Smith in 1937 near Big Squaw Creek. Norm Guth bought the place in 1968 and at the request of the Forest Service moved it about a mile downstream to a spot on Smith Gulch. There was already an old prospector's cabin there and that building is now on the National Historic Register. The lodge is operated under a Forest Service permit so it has to be run a little differently that some of the lodges on private ground.

River of No Return Lodge

Kevin Yeates bought the lodge four years ago after spending many years hunting and fishing in the canyon.

Kevin Yeates

"In the years that I've been coming I had the chance to fish at China Bar. I've also fished with the Arctic Creek Lodge and also with the Watts that owned this-Whitewater West it was called then and also at Salmon River Lodge. And they're all beautiful places but I just thought to myself with that nice yard and the scenery here it was the place I thought in my mind that boy, if I was ever going to own something down here, this would be the place. It's awesome. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Now, it's probably a little more than expected. It's more work, it takes more time that I ever thought it would probably times two but worth every minute. I can't think of a better place to be. If this isn't heaven I don't want to go."
--Kevin Yeates, owner River of No Return Lodge