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Salmon River Rafting Company

In 1981, Wayne Johnson, a partner in Barker-Ewing River trips started guiding rafters on multi-day river trips on the Main Salmon River in Idaho. After twenty years on the river Johnson bought out his partners for the Idaho segment of the company and changed the name to the Salmon River Rafting Company. Later he started specializing in "lodge to lodge" trips on the river as part of his other annual offerings. Johnson has now been guiding on the Salmon for over three decades and has come to think of the river as his second home.

Wayne Johnson

"I'm not sure I looked at this and said this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I think it's something that grows on you. If you learn about the area and you meet the people, it's hard not to be attracted to an area with people this good and a history this recent… Over the years I've developed friends with the people who live here. This is my home. My residency is not on the river but I feel at home any time I pull into a place. If I had to choose one river it would be this one"
--Wayne Johnson, Salmon River Rafting Company