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Whitewater Ranch

Whitewater Ranch is a large piece of private property along the river. It covers one-hundred nineteen acres and includes many buildings, springs, and an intricate hydro-power system.

Whitewater Ranch

The ranch was originally homesteaded by Eugene Churchill who had a mining claim in the area. In addition to prospecting Churchill supplied vegetables and meat to miners and local communities. After his first house burned down he replaced it with a two-story log building still in use today. Unfortunately, Churchill later drowned in a river accident.

Eugene Churchill

Owner Steve Shotwell bought the historic property with family members after finding it in a real estate brochure six years ago. He and his wife Kathy have worked hard to improve the place and get it in great condition.

Steve Shotwell

"Really, it's the lifestyle of the back country that grows on you and it's hard to get out of your blood once it gets in. I feel like kind of the newcomer of the canyon and have a lot of regard for the guys who have been here for a long time. I try to learn from them and hear their stories. Yeah, I hope to be called an old timer someday back here."
--Steve Shotwell, co-owner Whitewater Ranch