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Idaho's Scenic Byways

We are the scenic byway state.
        — Karen Ballard, Idaho Department of Commerce

In Idaho, a drive can be an adventure, a journey to places of beauty, history and inspiration. It can be a remote trek along a dusty desert pathway or a leisurely spin on pavement bordered by striking mountain vistas. It's all available by charting a course along one of Idaho's thirty-one scenic, historic or backcountry byways. Crossing through nearly every corner of the state, these routes are incredible corridors that can carry you to some of Idaho's most compelling landscapes.

The production of "Idaho's Scenic Byways" is a three-way partnership of the Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Commerce and Idaho Public Television.

**Note: The individual byway video clips on this site are a co-production of the Department of Commerce and Idaho Public Television. They were written and narrated by Ron Gardner, edited by Chuck Cathcart, and funded by the Transportation Department.