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Lower Payette Heritage Byway

The Lower Payette River byway runs for fifty-two miles along Highway 52. It follows the lower section of the river and includes the towns of Emmett and Payette. You can either start your drive in Payette near the confluence of the Payette and Snake Rivers, or you can begin where highways 52 and 55 intersect east of Emmett.

The route is called a heritage byway because it follows the paths of pioneers and prospectors who travelled along this river corridor. The Goodale Trail followed the river, and you can still see ruts carved by covered wagons over one-hundred fifty years ago. The towns of Payette and Emmett feature a number of historical sites, and each town has a fine historical museum.

In addition to the route's rich history there are also many scenic spots, including the Black Canyon Dam and Reservoir, Mountour Wildlife Refuge, and numerous viewpoints overlooking the Payette River. Boating, camping, photography, and bird watching are among the activities byway visitors can pursue. Of course, you can just enjoy the drive.