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St. Joe River Scenic Byway

"This is definitely one of the things that anchors me here in north Idaho. It's just a really cool place to be able to spend my weeks. It's the perfect place for me. Wonderful fishing and not a lot of crowds, I don't have to fight through anybody to fish every day. The cutthroat are eager and dumb, which is a really good thing as a guide. It's where I'm supposed to be."
         --Josh Seaton, St. Joe River Fishing Guide

The St. Joe River Scenic Byway is a recreational treasure, with something for everyone.

The river offers great boating opportunities and blue ribbon trout fishing in crystal clear water. It's a lazy sort of river in the stretch near Lake Coeur d'Alene, but as it climbs into the mountains toward the Montana border it explodes into a whitewater river with Class 3 rapids. Surrounding trails are great for hiking, biking, four-wheeling or snowmobiling.

You'll want to visit the Marble Creek Interpretive site half-way down the byway — it's a monument to the logging industry. Tug boats still haul rafts of logs on the St. Joe for today's vital timber industry.