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Teton Scenic Byway

"It's beautiful scenery for miles and miles that I can see around me. Mostly I think about how lucky I am to live in this gorgeous place."
        --Tim Adams, Teton Valley Trails and Pathways Executive Director

The Teton Scenic Byway runs along the western slopes of the spectacular Teton Range. While the mountains are actually in Wyoming there are great views from the Idaho side.

The byway runs from Swan Valley to Ashton, Idaho and passes a number of small towns and rolling agricultural fields along the way. It's a seventy mile trip that includes breathtaking vistas, rivers, historic sites and access to the Grand Targhee Resort. In the Teton Valley there's even a bike trail that runs parallel to the byway and an annual balloon festival in the quaint town of Driggs.

Further north along this route the Upper Snake River Valley is full of fields of potatoes and other crops. But ever-present are those impressive views of the stunning Teton Mountains.