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Search and Rescue

Communities rely on them; law enforcement welcomes their help… and the rescued are grateful. Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue answers the call when people get hurt or lost in Idaho's wild places.

Producer Sauni Symonds and videographer Jay Krajic follow this dedicated group of volunteers through the seasons of challenge and triumph as they save lives and bring the lost home.

"We spent two years filming with the group off and on," Symonds says. "We followed them through the year on a variety of training exercises and rescue missions. I think my biggest surprise was seeing how hard these folks train, and how committed they are to keeping their skills honed, ready for action."

Jimmie Yorgensen, President, Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue, "We never know where we're going; we never know the conditions we're going to find ourselves in. We don't know whether we're going to sleep on the ground or not sleep at all or whether we're going to be there for a week or 10 or 12 hours. It takes a lot of dedication."

The program explores what it takes to be a volunteer for Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue and how important their service is to our state.