A map of Idaho with the 6 National Wildlife Refuges identified

National wildlife refuges are part of a grand success story that dates back more than a century.

By 1900, Americans had witnessed the near extinction of the bison and the devastation of countless birds. It took an avid hunter, Theodore Roosevelt, to offer a solution. In his two terms as President, TR established dozens of federal wildlife reservations and game preserves. They became the foundation of a conservation system unsurpassed in size and scope in the world.

Today there are 550 national wildlife refuges, one within an hour's drive of every major city.

In Idaho, there are six national refuges. And each of them has a story to tell.

Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge Camas National Wildlife Refuge Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge