Minidoka National Refuge

A scenic shot of Minidoka National Refuge

Pelicans have electrical power to thank for their pristine property at Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge. The construction of the Minidoka dam and power plant in 1904 led to the creation of Lake Walcott state park. Five years later, President Teddy Roosevelt created Minidoka refuge around 80 miles of the lake.

A pelican flying over Minidoka National Refuge

Much of this refuge is inaccessible or closed to the public. Pelicans are just one of the many nesting birds taking advantage of this safe haven where the Bureau of Reclamation takes great care to prevent the flooding of their nests.

Thousands of fliers join the nesting pelicans for short visits in the spring. During peak migration, more than 100,000 birds will stop at Minidoka to rest.

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