Silver Valley Interviews

The unique nature of the Silver Valley has always presented Idahoans with difficult challenges and wonderful opportunities. In the summer of 2005, the OUTDOOR IDAHO crew talked with many people during the production of "Silver Valley Rising." Here are extended interviews with some of them.

Jerry Cobb is a Silver Valley native and the environmental health supervisor for the local health district in Kellogg, Idaho. He has been instrumental in keeping the remediation efforts moving forward in the original 21 square mile Superfund site.

Ed Moreen is the project manager for the EPA's Superfund efforts in the Silver Valley.

Jerry Andres is the CEO of Eagle Crest, Inc., the company that has purchased Silver Mountain and the gondola and is building condominiums and a golf course in Kellogg.

Paul Woods is employed with the US Geological Survey and has been studying Coeur d'Alene Lake off and on since 1987. He is currently involved in a three year study of the lake that started in 2004.

Chuck Moss is the director of the State of Idaho Bunker Hill project team. He has worked on Silver Valley issues with Governors Andrus, Batt, and Kempthorne.

Earl Bennett is the retired Dean of the College of Mines and Earth Resources at the University of Idaho and is the former Director of the Idaho Geological Survey.

Mike Peterson is Executive Director of The Lands Council, a Spokane-based environmental organization. One of their earlier projects was called “Get the Lead Out,” dealing with mining waste in the Spokane River.

Katherine Aiken is Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences and former chair of the History department at the University of Idaho. She recently completed a book entitled Idaho's Bunker Hill: The Rise and Fall of a Great Mining Company.

Dale Lavigne is a Silver Valley native and a retired pharmacist; he has been a key player in the valley’s economic development, helping to find buyers for Bunker Hill mine in the 1980’s and later helping to find matching money for the gondola project.

Mike Schlepp is a farmer whose farm is below Silver Valley and adjacent to the new bike path, The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes.

Mac Pooler is the Mayor of Kellogg and a Silver Valley native.

Walter Hadley is the city planner for Kellogg and a Silver Valley native.

Dale Brown is a real estate agent operating out of Kellogg, Idaho, in the Silver Valley.