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Thousand Springs State Park

Frozen Falls
Courtesy Charlene Aycock

By photographer Charlene Aycock

I visit this state park at least every season to capture the different perspectives each season brings. You can see the falls from the highway 30, but there is nothing like standing right underneath a large waterfall. I wish this park had trails to the other falls. It is located on the Snake River, and the water is clear enough to see to the bottom. There is also abundant wildlife, especially all kinds of birds to view and photograph. The parks only cost $5 a day, but I highly recommend the Idaho residence pass, which cost $10 when you purchase your yearly car tags.

The mist frosted rocks and foliage, creating a magical winter scene.
Courtesy Charlene Aycock

In January of 2013 we had one of the coldest spells ever. Our temps dipped into the teens and single digits for weeks on end. This was the first time I had ever seen the falls freeze, and the mist the falls creates froze as well, giving the falls one of the most beautiful winter scenes I had seen in the park. The color was a sparkling turquoise, especially when the light hit it just right. Even as cold as it was that day, the sound of falling water over rocks and ice welcomed me just as it had in warmer times a few months before.

Turquoise-colored icicles give the falls an enchanting artistic look.
Courtesy Charlene Aycock
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